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Annual Meeting Minutes, July 9, 2013

Click here for full minutes (PDF) Meeting: Called to order at 1700

  1. Bylaw changes
    • Current membership is 220
    • BOD is short (1) member
    • Elections will occur yearly to facilitate greater member participation
    • Proposed changes noted in revised version of Bylaws
    • Proposed changes were voted on by membership in attendance and were approved unanimously
  2. Encourage visibility as nurses when volunteering/working in the community
    • Making Strides Against Cancer is scheduled for Sept. 28th. Information was distributed
    • Bowl-A-Thon will be held on Feb. 16, 2014 at the WOW Zone. Recipients of this event’s proceeds will be Palliative Care and the local chapter of NAMI
    • Interested individuals are encouraged to volunteer for event committees
  3. Budget was reviewed with a report by Treasurer, Coni Rodgers
    • Discussion was held regarding the recommended distribution of funds
    • A proposal was made to establish criteria for scholarship requests. Criteria would provide for consistency and equity
  4. Suggestions for publicity and raising awareness of SMN
    • A logo has been chosen & appears in the newsletter
    • The organization should adopt a tagline/logo. Members will be asked to contribute suggestions
    • Effectiveness & cost of advertising billboards was discussed
    • A recommendation was made to look into business cards
    • It was recommended that the organization adopt a trademark color. A shade of light green was the most popular.
  5. Continuing Education
    • Historically SMN events have been scheduled on Thursdays
    • Information regarding upcoming educational opportunities was distributed and discussed
  6. A suggestion was made to include a membership personal page in the newsletter
  7. A request was made asking for volunteers for a FB committee
  8. The organization purpose & mission statement can be found on the SMN website

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