The Healthcare Conundrum, presented by Senator Kathy Sheran

Southern Minnesota Nurses presents…

“The Healthcare Conundrum”

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 – 5:00–7:00 PM
SMN member meeting at 5:00, presentation begins at 6:00 p.m.
Mankato Clinic Conference Room
Madison East Mall, Mankato

Speaker: Kathleen Sheran, MS, APRN, RN, retired

Senator Kathleen Sheran retired in 2016 from the Minnesota Senate. She is presently serving as Vice Chair of the Board of the Minnesota Insurance Exchange (MNSURE). Prior to serving in the Senate Senator Sheran, an Advance Practice Registered Nurse, taught nursing at MNSU Mankato, and worked in health care for over 35 years.

Although she is probably best known for her legislation “Freedom to Breathe,” eliminating smoking from indoor spaces, Senator Sheran has championed the expansion of Medicaid in Minnesota under the affordable care act, co-authored the bill that implemented the Minnesota Insurance Exchange, authored bills that advanced the reforms to the Minnesota Child Protection System, authored the first bill that would institute a public option for all Minnesotans, and advanced reforms that would reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals. She has initiated many reforms that have impacted nursing practice including her legislation that eliminated barriers to independent practice for Advance Practice Nurses allowing them prescriptive authority without a provider agreement. Senator Sheran, now retired from the Senate, serves as the Vice Chair, on the Board of the Minnesota Insurance Exchange.

The presentation will describe the complexity of creating reforms that impact costs and discuss the nurse’s role in promoting health reform that is patient-centered.

1.2 Contact Hours provided for nursing in accordance with the Minnesota Board of Nursing requirements.

Flyer: The Healthcare Conundrum flyer (PDF)

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