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Minutes available from 2017 annual meeting

Minutes from the annual SMN all-member meeting on June 7 are available for download from the meeting minutes page.

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Board Meeting Minutes, March 10, 2014

Click here for full minutes (PDF)

Date: March 10, 2014
Location: Panera (Mankato)
In Attendance: Coni Rodgers, Pat Shortall, Margaret Brewer, Mary Milbrath, Pam Wolters, Kathy Kachelmyer, Linda Rossow

  1. Flyers have been printed and distributed to those present requesting donations from individual work areas for Partners for Affordable Housing. Greatest need at this time is for new socks and underwear; household cleaning supplies; shampoo, body washes and baby wipes.
  2. SMN will honor the request from Blue Earth County to act as a payee for speakers for their annual Mental Health conference on October 14, 2014.
    • SMN will provide an informational table at the conference.
    • SMN members will receive a $20.00 discount on registration fees.
    • Save the date cards will be sent out some time in spring.
  3. A request for support was submitted via letter from a nurse currently in recovery from chemical addiction. The nurse would like to start a support group for nurses recovering from chemical addictions in our region. Such a group would require a place to meet, facilitators, and possibly a coordinator. Linda and Pam will explore various avenues/resources that may be available and willing to assist in getting such a group started.
  4. Linda provided an update on the plans for the April Expo and the May Banquet.
    • Currently eight (8) exhibitors have paid for the Expo. Some others have expressed interest but have not provided money to date.
    • Exhibitors will not be expected to remain past the second break.
    • Flyers for the Expo were distributed to those members present.
    • Requests have been made for providing articles, baskets, etc. for the Expo’s silent auction.
  5. Ideas were shared for possible future CEU offerings. Julie Hawker from Lloyd Management is willing to present and provide CEUs for a presentation of the local Tapestry Project. The Tapestry Project has been working in collaboration with various local agencies to assist Somali and Sudanese immigrants and refugees with their transition to living in a new community and culture. Contact information for Julie was given to Linda.
  6. No changes will be made in the way SMN scholarships are advertised. It will continue to be a “word of mouth” process.
  7. SMN will be a primary sponsor for the September 4 conference on dementia. Primary sponsors may have a free exhibit table and its employees would be able to attend the conference for half price. The question will be asked if SMN will be able to substitute “members” for “employees.” Participation in this conference is seen as an opportunity for SMN to recruit membership and encourage involvement from current members employed by long term care agencies.

Respectfully submitted by Kathy Kachelmyer

Annual Meeting Minutes, July 9, 2013

Click here for full minutes (PDF) Meeting: Called to order at 1700

  1. Bylaw changes
    • Current membership is 220
    • BOD is short (1) member
    • Elections will occur yearly to facilitate greater member participation
    • Proposed changes noted in revised version of Bylaws
    • Proposed changes were voted on by membership in attendance and were approved unanimously
  2. Encourage visibility as nurses when volunteering/working in the community
    • Making Strides Against Cancer is scheduled for Sept. 28th. Information was distributed
    • Bowl-A-Thon will be held on Feb. 16, 2014 at the WOW Zone. Recipients of this event’s proceeds will be Palliative Care and the local chapter of NAMI
    • Interested individuals are encouraged to volunteer for event committees
  3. Budget was reviewed with a report by Treasurer, Coni Rodgers
    • Discussion was held regarding the recommended distribution of funds
    • A proposal was made to establish criteria for scholarship requests. Criteria would provide for consistency and equity
  4. Suggestions for publicity and raising awareness of SMN
    • A logo has been chosen & appears in the newsletter
    • The organization should adopt a tagline/logo. Members will be asked to contribute suggestions
    • Effectiveness & cost of advertising billboards was discussed
    • A recommendation was made to look into business cards
    • It was recommended that the organization adopt a trademark color. A shade of light green was the most popular.
  5. Continuing Education
    • Historically SMN events have been scheduled on Thursdays
    • Information regarding upcoming educational opportunities was distributed and discussed
  6. A suggestion was made to include a membership personal page in the newsletter
  7. A request was made asking for volunteers for a FB committee
  8. The organization purpose & mission statement can be found on the SMN website

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